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me myself and i

Love and Music (collab) K/S

For the K/S Advent 2011:

From the prompt: Spock's gift to Jim for the holidays to give him a private concert on his lyre.

This is a collab with 1lostone on a fic of the same prompt.

Jim walks into Spock's quarters while listening to him playing his lyre.

Spock and Jim share a kiss after the song is finished.



oh my god this is.. I just...

*chin hands*

*small, girly squeaky noises of joy*
Wow, such a big reaction :D

Glad you like it, though.
Thank you :3
So cute! :D
Thank you :D
aww, both pictures are so cute!
Thanks :)
Tee hee... it's so cute. I love the chibi kiss.
Heh, thank you :)
Omg Jim and Spock are so adorable!!
Yes they are :D
this is just too cute!!! THEIR LITTLE FEETSIES OMG ♥
:D Thanks
Ha ha, so cute!!
Thank you :)
I loves 'em!
Thank you :D
Your artwork is so beautiful!
Ah thank you so much, glad you like some of my old stuff :)